Cancelling Appointments

Have you ever tried to get an appointment and been told that there are none available
that day?
that week?

Hundreds of appointments are wasted every month, when patients simply do not attend.

When you make an appointment with us - put a note in your diary and a reminder on your phone.

Things change all the time.  
  • You feel better and no longer feel the need to visit the GP or Nurse.
  • Your child is no longer sick and they have decided to go to School
  • You can no longer attend at the time that you originally booked your appointment.
We do understand.  Things change all the time.
The next time you cannot attend an appointment that you have booked then PLEASE CALL US as soon as possible to cancel it SO THAT WE CAN GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT.  

One day the person who desperately needs an appointment may be YOU.


PLEASE NOTE - Failure to cancel an appointment at least one hour prior to the appointment will be recorded on your record as a missed appointment. If you regularly miss your appointments they you could be asked to find another GP for you and your family.