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We serve over 9,000 patients from our Stratford Village Surgery Site at 50c Romford Road, Stratford, London, E15 5BZ.  We are committed to delivering excellence throughout our organisation, from the way that we treat our staff to the excellent service we provide in the community.

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Here is what some of our patients say about us :

On  24 June 2014 Shirley said ...

Outstanding care from Dr Shah and Mrs Doctor Shah

"Firstly I would like to say that both Doctors' go behind the level of care that I have experienced. Once I was in a lot of pain and the doctor rang me at home to see if I was okay after seeing them in the surgery. I wanted an appointment but couldn't get one but next day the receptionist left a note for the doctor to call me which they did, - the doctor was so excellent and I got the perscription that I needed.

I hope to be on the mend very soon because of this."

On  15 September 2014 Louis said ...

A really good Practice

"I registered with Stratford Village Surgery when I moved to the area from Portsmouth, Hants, over ten years ago. It was highly recommended by some close friends who were registered there for many years. The reception staff were always pleasant, and seem to treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect. I was so impressed that I thought of volunteering my services when I retired. The waiting room is always clean and tidy. The choice of doctors seems to be dependent on the urgency/seriousness of my complaint. On a recent visit, about two weeks ago, I was so impressed with a doctor whom I had never seen before, that I felt compelled to express my thanks to them at the end of the visit.
I have noticed new reception staff on my last visit, who seemed to be as polite as the old staff, but that is only after one visit?"

On  14 October 2014 Andrew said ...

Good Service

"I have a long term condition and despite seeing several doctors they have always been helpful and understanding of my concerns. The has involved changes to my medication and at my request referrals to different specialist at various hospitals across London. This has always cooperation from the practice. I found if you are polite to the reception staff try to explain your situation they are willing to offer assistance and advise. Given that it is an inner city practice I feel if offers a good service to it's local community"

On 9 November 2014 - Anonymous said ...

Excellent and very friendly staff

"Excellent and very friendly staff."

On  22 November 2014 Ghassan said ...

Thank you for a very good service

"I have been with this practice for more than 25 years. Getting an emergency appointment has never been a problem for any member of my family.  Excellent care and treatment has been given to all members of my family . I could not have asked for better medical support."

On  11 December 2014 Joel Pappas said ...

My doctor

"It is only fair that when someone is doing their job properly that this should get recognised.
I would like to take the opportunity to rate my doctor's services and knowledge as excellent! They clearly have all those characteristics that define a superb doctor . They are clearly an asset for Stratford Village Surgery . After having changed a few GPs they are second to none ."