FLU 2020

Who is eligible for free NHS Flu injecitons?

Flu is a serious and potentially life-threatening infection and it is highly recommended that you are vaccinated this year. 

We will invite you to attend one of the flu vaccination clinics held at the surgery by text message or phone call once the vaccines arrive.

We are expecting a delivery mid September. We will be doing set days with a walk-in service for flu this year.

Ring the surgery if you have the following:
  • If you have an egg allergy or a previous allergy to a flu injection
  • If you have a fever, we will help you arrange another day / time for you to have your Flu Injection
  • If you need a home visit for flu jab, please call us.
When you arrive for the clinic:

PLEASE WEAR SHORT SLEEVED TOP - something which allows you to expose your shoulder easily for the vaccination - Please ensure the left arm is exposed.   

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK BEFORE ARRIVING - please ensure you adhere to the social distancing signs in place and please wear a face mask when you come.