Help Us to Help You

According to the "national statistics" Newham is perceived to be an area in which there are poor healthcare services.  And yet, I am sure that all of you have met and received treatment from Doctors, Nurses and Reception Staff within Newham who clearly care about ensuring that 
  • if you are ill, then you receive the treatment they know you need in order to get better as soon as possible, and 
  • if you are healthy, that you have the knowledge you need to ensure that you stay healthy.

You can see - every time you come to the surgery - that our teams of Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and reception staff are working hard.  

Yet still, according to the statistics, and some of your responses to national surveys, some of you are clearly not happy with the service that GP practices across the whole of Newham provide. 

We like to think that we treat our staff well, and we provide an excellent standard of healthcare to all our patients.  We are learning all the time, and clearly, we are only as good as the care we deliver to the last patient we saw.  

We want to do better

Each and every member of staff working for the First 4 Health Group wants to provide you with an excellent service.  

We all chose to work in the NHS in order to make a difference in the world. And we love that we get to make a difference - every day - one patient at a time.

Unfortunately, however hard we may try, we are not perfect. On most days we are just as human as everyone else. 

So if on the day you come in to see us, we are not smiling, or you think we look a bit stressed, or we seem tired, or we are not as happy as we could be, then try asking us how our day has been.  

Smile at us.  
Let us know that you appreciate everything that we are trying to do to help you.  

Remind us 
of the difference that we make to you and your families so that we remember why we do such a difficult job.  


if we still don't respond to that kind word, or to your smile, and you think that we really really need to change, then please do ask to talk to one of our managers and let us know "constructively" what we could be doing better ; what service we could provide that would make a difference to you.  

Support us to support you.

Help us to provide you with the excellent services that you deserve by 
  • Joining the health awareness groups that we run from time to time.
  • Complete our in house surveys to let us know how we could improve our services.
  • Nurture our staff by treating them as you would want them to treat you.  
We have set ourselves very high standards, and as a "training practice" we have a rolling training programme for our staff.  

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve our service.  So, if you think there is an area of our services that need to be improved, let us know so that we can address this in training. 

We can only maintain the high standards we have set ourselves with your help. 

So please become our partners and help us to improve the standards of healthcare in Newham. 

Thank you

Susan Paul
Chief Executive - First 4 Health Group