Patient Participation Group (PPG)



It’s easier to make changes from the inside, than it is from the outside.

Our Patient Participation Group is committed to 
developing an ongoing relationship between 
our patients, our practice staff and our GPs.
To turn our surgery into a thriving hub that 
provides a service that supports and encourages 
the overall wellbeing of our service users and Community.
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What is a PPG?

A PPG is a group where patients become active volunteers in their surgery and work in partnership with the practice staff and GPs to create high quality and responsive care for all patients.

Goals of the PPG:

  • Encourage patient involvement
  • Promote health information
  • Improve communication with patients
  • Develop the services provided
  • Connect you to local groups

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in joining your Surgery's PPG please ask at Reception for more information.

Please go to the YouTube link below and watch "Why Join A PPG? Patients Perspective" for more details.

Select your Surgery from the options below to find out about your Patient Participation Group.

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