Childhood Immunisations

In the UK there is a national programme for routine childhood immunisations, that parents can choose to follow for their children. Vaccinations not only prevent your child from catching a life-threatening illness, but it prevents the spread of these diseases to the wider community. Although it is not compulsory, we strongly recommend that you get your child vaccinated.

When your child is born, you will be given a Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), which is more commonly known as “The Red Book”, all the details of when checkups and vaccinations need to be arranged will be found inside.

The first vaccination your child will be given is the BCG which will protect them from Tuberculosis ( This is normally given by your health visitor 7-10 days after your child has been born.

Any immunisations after this will be carried out by a trained nurse at the practice, with the first immunisation taking place at 8 weeks.

To book an appointment or to find out more about your child’s vaccinations, call us during our opening times and our team will be happy to assist you.