ARCHIVED - Do You Need A Translator?

If you have trouble speaking English, but you speak one of the languages listed below, don’t worry, you can call one of the Health Advocates provided by Newham CCG, to help you book an appointment to see a Doctor or Nurse. 

They will arrange the appointment at a time when they can come with you to the surgery and translate for you at your appointment with the Doctor or Nurse. 

If you DO NOT speak English,
or one of the languages listed below (so you can book an appointment with a translator), then please bring a friend or relative with you the surgery to 

1. Help you book an appointment 
2. Attend the appointment at the GP Surgery with you and the Doctor or Nurse
3. Attend any appointment with the hospital - if your GP feels you need to get further tests done. 

Please ensure that anyone you bring with you to translate is over 16 years old, and that you are comfortable fully explaining your problem to the Doctor or Nurse and answering any personal questions the Doctor or Nurse may have, through this person. 

See below for the different languages that you will be able to get a Health Advocate to translate for you.

Translation Service - Main Number - 020 7445 7743

Languages:                        Somali           020 7445 7780
                                                                Polish            020 7445 7781
                                                                Albanian        020 7445 7779
                                                                Bengali          020 7445 7891
                                                                Russian         020 7445 7791