Choose your preferred Doctor or Nurse 

You can choose your preferred Doctor or Nurse. We employ highly trained and experienced Doctors and Nurses who are committed to offering you an excellent service at all times. 

Some of our Doctors and Nurses specialise in specific illnesses such as Diabetes, and so if you have a particular medical condition you may be referred to a Doctor or Nurse that has been specifically trained in how to deal with that illness. 

However, we would encourage you to make appointments with all of our Doctors and Nurses (over time!), so that you will always feel comfortable no matter which of our Doctors or Nurses you see. If however, you really want to be treated by a particular Doctor or Nurse, that can also be arranged. However, if no appointments with that person are available, then you have to wait longer for an appointment. 

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Specialist Triage Nursing Appointments

Some of our Nurses, are skilled Triage Nurses, they have taken years of further specialist training to enhance their skills. Triage nurses are highly sought after, experienced and valued professionals. We are privileged to have 2 Triage Nurses on our team. Our Triage Nurses are fully qualified to treat and prescribe medicines for a wide range of common conditions. They are fully supported by the Doctors in our practice. Accordingly if they have any concerns whatsoever about your condition, they will obtain a second opinion from a Doctor on our team.

You can expect to see a Triage Nurse within 2 working days.

In our opinion, seeing a Triage Nurse is as good as seeing a Doctor!