Emergency Appointments

Sometimes we all need an Emergency Appointment to see a Doctor or Nurse.   

At First 4 Health Group, we want to make sure that you receive the best possible care at all times, so we will always ask why you need to see the Doctor or Nurse when you call in for an emergency appointment.  Wherever possible we try to get a Doctor or Nurse to speak to you before asking you to come into the surgery for an Emergency Appointment. 

Sometimes, if the Doctor or Nurse feels that you need to be seen quickly they will ask you to come to the surgery straight away. 

If you have been offered an emergency slot to see a doctor or nurse at your request then: 
  • You will be asked to come in at a FIXED time.  However as you will have been slotted into the Doctor or Nurses surgery as an emergency appointment, this may mean that you will have to wait in the surgery for between 30 - 45 mins to see the Doctor.

  • Most of our appointments are pre-booked, so if you are given an Emergency Appointment the Doctor or Nurse will see you as soon as there is a gap in their surgery or at the end of surgery. 

  • This may mean that you have to wait for some time. 

  • We do appreciate that you are ill, which is why the Doctor or Nurse has asked you to come in.  However the other patients who had already booked an appointment are also ill, and it may take the Doctor or Nurse some time to deal with their problem.

  • Please be patient.

  • All of our emergency appointments are booked in special slots, so when you arrive for your appointment, the Doctor or Nurse will know if you are an emergency patient. 

  • In order to help the Doctor or Nurse see you as an emergency, please tell us what the emergency is so that we can inform the Clinician before you go in to see them. 

  • If you feel particularly unwell while you are in the surgery please tell the receptionist and she/he will let the Doctor or Nurse know. 

  • In the interest of fairness to all patients, we monitor any abuse of this system.  It is for very ill patients.  Accordingly, if you book an Emergency Appointment - and the Doctor or Nurse feels that you were abusing the system then this will be recorded on your file. 

  • If you regularly abuse this service then we may ask you to find another GP practice to take care of you and your family. 

  • If you are not in the waiting room when the Doctor or Nurse calls you will lose your slot and will have to re-book your appointment. So if you feel unwell and need to go out for some fresh air, or use the facilities, please inform the receptionist and give them your mobile number so they know where you are and can call you if necessary. 

  • We thank you for your patience as we are trying to provide a fair and effective service to all our patients.