Partner Organisations F4H Group works closely with the following organisations to make a difference to the NHS

Healthcare Leadership Systems

Healthcare Leadership Systems focuses on providing organisations within the healthcare sector with innovative tailored information and workforce management systems. These systems are based around an integrated cloud based digital information management platform, which helps organisations to change the way that their people work. This enables them to be innovative flexible and highly responsible for the development of their roles within the organisation as well as the ultimate success of their organisation.

HLS has created an innovative IT Practice Management System called OneRoom™ which is currently being used in GP practices to improve the way in which we are able to deliver patient care. HLS also provides a number of expert services including mediation, negotiation, coaching, training and general consultancy services.

Patient First SE

Patient First Social Enterprise is a social enterprise. This means that they are a 'not for profit' company.    They provide a range of clinical services to patients based in GP surgeries within the local community. They deliver a seamless care pathway for patients who choose to be seen at a local clinic staffed by specialist clinicians, rather than in a hospital environment.