Staff Testimonials
Here is what some of our former staff have to say about working for us:
"My experience at E12 has been a very rewarding one. The organisation is a great example of a unit where all the staff work closely as one to deliver patient care of a high standard. Team spirit is promoted early on and consolidated by weekly team meetings, where training and support are also provided. The senior members and leaders of the group are always happy to help, be it with professional, work-related advice and equally with personal problems. The team also organises social events for its staff- such as dinners and as an employee we had the opportunity of attending the Olympics in London. Any employee who wants to be part of a friendly team, in a good working environment, where training needs and support will be available would enjoy working for E12 Health. "

                                                                                                   Ked R - Healthcare Assistant

"Working for E12 Health has been a great joy and all the staff here are extremely supportive. The training is thorough and everyone will ensure you are working to your strengths which enables you to grow and progress within whatever role you do. The staff are second to none and I know finding a team such as this is very rare to find. They really do live up to their mission statement as they are dedicated to providing an extraordinary service to not only its patients but to the staff as well. I’d recommend this place without reservation. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Natasha S - Medical Receptionist

"I had the privilege of working in one  of the most efficient, supportive and friendliest practice - E12 health centre. The staff are very dedicated and work hard to help all patients to the best of their abilities. They do go an extra mile in taking care of their patients. The managers are quite responsible yet very approachable. They are always willing to hear feedback from the patients as well as the team. The team is very caring and sensitive. It felt as if I was part of a big family, and everybody was there to help if needed. They are flexible in their rota design and always try and work out a shift suitable for someone who wants to work part time.

It's also a fantastic teaching practice which delivers high quality training for medical students, FY2 doctors and GP registrars. All the doctors are very approachable towards trainees and provide excellent clinical supervision. I have personally been trained in this practice and had the opportunity to teach the skills I learnt to my junior colleagues. I cherish the wisdom and knowledge that I gained from my trainer - Dr Kohli, and wish that many more could get the amazing opportunity of working in E12  health centre."

Dr P Bakshi - GP (2009 - 2015)