What is Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus (aka Diabetes),  is a condition which causes high sugar levels in your blood. There are two types, Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is less common, normally affecting younger people. It is when your pancreas stops producing insulin (the hormone needed to break down sugar) all together, with the illness itself developing very quickly (over days/ weeks).

With type 2 diabetes, the symptoms progress gradually,  affecting people mainly from the age of 40. You usually develop this form of diabetes when your body isn’t making enough insulin. This happens for a variety of reasons, including age, ethnicity, obesity and family history.


The main symptoms are:

  • Being thirsty a lot of the time

  • Passing large amounts of urine

  • Tiredness

  • Weight loss

As type 2 diabetes develops slowly, you may get used to be being thirsty and tired a lot of the time, and so you may not even realise that you are developing the illness. You may also develop blurred vision and be getting more infections- such as thrush.

Treating Diabetes

Unfortunately there is no cure for diabetes, but the sooner you can control your blood sugar levels, the easier it will be to prevent any long term damage. Diabetes is a progressive illness, and it can lead to many further complications if it isn’t managed correctly.

Type 1 diabetics will have to start on insulin therapy immediately. However type 2 diabetes can be managed initially by making some simple lifestyle changes, weight management, and regular activity

It is only if these lifestyles changes are not effective that type 2 diabetics need to start taking medications, with insulin therapy as a last resort.

E12 Health we offer Specialised Diabetic clinics run by a trained nurse, If you feel you are having any of the symptoms stated above, then please see a GP to get a referral into the clinic.