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If you're looking for help with a medical issue, please read the NHS online advice to see if it provides you with the help you need or try over the counter medicine.
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If your query flags up as urgent the app will tell you to call the surgery or call 111 and go to the hospital.

We will get back to you once we have reviewed your form. This is normally done within 2 working days. We will contact you to arrange a telephone or face to face appointment with a clinician.

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A doctor, paramedic or clinical staff will review your form and call you.

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Sometimes the Doctor may have a lot of calls to make and so may call you a bit later.

They should always call you within 1 hour of your booked appointment time.


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Let's answer some questions

Questions about appointments? We've got all the answers you need.

What do I do when the GP surgery is closed?

If your GP Surgery is closed and you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do you can either call NHS 111 or get help online by can typing into the internet. The online service is for people aged 5 and over. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What other appointments are there?

As well as the normal Doctors appointments, we have a variety of appointments available with lots of different specialists. Our staff are trained to book you an appointment with the most appropriate person for your condition.

Our aim is to get you seen as soon as possible. Some of our Doctors specialise in long term conditions like Diabetes and so if you have a complex condition you may be referred to one of our internal specialists.

You may also be referred to one of our allied health professionals, such as our Paramedics, Physicians Associates, Clinical Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Social Prescribing Link Workers, and Health Coaches.

How can I get an Emergency Appointment?

Please call the practice at 8.30am. We release new emergency appointments each morning.
If you are worried, and we are not open, then you must call 111 to talk to someone about your symptoms. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you put a symptom into the online consult form that raises an urgent red flag - the app will tell you to contact 111 or go to hospital (see above).

If you submit a form, and the Doctor sees that you have symptoms that they are worried about, but they are not sure if you need to go to hospital, they will ask you to come to the surgery immediately for an emergency appointment.

How can I cancel my appointment?

PLEASE NOTE - Failure to cancel an appointment at least one hour prior to the appointment will be recorded on your record as a missed appointment. If you regularly miss your appointments they you could be asked to find another GP for you and your family.

Cancelling AppointmentsHave you ever tried to get an appointment and been told that there are none availablethat day?that week?
Hundreds of appointments are wasted every month, when patients simply do not attend.

When you make an appointment with us - put a note in your diary and a reminder on your phone.
Things change all the time.  Perhaps You feel better and no longer feel the need to visit the GP or Nurse.Your child is no longer sick and they have decided to go to SchoolYou can no longer attend at the time that you originally booked your appointment.We do understand.  Things change all the time.BUTThe next time you cannot attend an appointment that you have booked then PLEASE CALL US as soon as possible to cancel it SO THAT WE CAN GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT.  
One day the person who desperately needs an appointment may be YOU.

What happens I fail to attend an appointment? 

First 4 Health Group: Did Not Attend / Late For Appointment Policy

The first time a patient fails to attend a booked appointment or fails to cancel at least an hour before the appointment time or arrives late and as a result is not seen by the clinician, we will send them a letter explaining the appointment was wasted and the cost of this on the NHS. There will also be a copy of this policy included. This missed appointment is included in the 3 missed appointments.
The second time the same patient fails to attend a booked appointment or fails to cancel at least an hour before the appointment time or arrives late and as a result is not seen by the clinician, we will send them a letter explaining if they miss a third booked appointment they will be removed from our list and will have to find another GP surgery.  Another copy of this policy will be included.
The third time the same patient misses a booked appointment or fails to cancel at least an hour before the appointment time or arrives late and as a result is not seen by the clinician, they will be sent a letter.  This letter informs them that, as stated in our last letter and in our policy, they will be removed from our list within 30 days from the date of this letter and therefore unable to book any future appointments with us. This means they will have to register with another GP surgery.
You can find a GP in your local area by going to the NHS Choices website.
If the patient wished to re-register with the practice, they will only be able to do so after 3 years.  
Please note if a parent or guardian is removed from the practice, any child registered may also be removed. This is dealt with on a case to case basis.

‍This policy is designed to be fair to all patients and to make sure we serve all our patient’s needs

We aim to provide all our patients with the best possible service and to achieve this we need your cooperation. Please help us to help you!
Appointments are often wasted as people do not attend for booked appointments or fail to cancel on time. At least 200 appointments with the Doctor per month are being wasted - this costs the NHS ÂŁ9000 a month!
If you cannot make an appointment, feel that you are running late for a pre-booked appointment or do not need the appointment anymore, please ring to cancel at least an hour before the appointment time, so it may be offered to another patient.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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